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[TRANSFORMERS] - Skyfire/Starscream
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spacehussy wrote in thesleepmadness
Okay, I'm breaking my self-imposed protocol for my fic journal from here on out. I'm going to redo some of the tags to make room for the sheer amount of unedited, on-the-fly chatfic I always want to post.

swordage and I have this trine/Skyfire thing we're working on. Skyfire is with Starscream and Starscream is with his trine. This is an offshoot of that, where Skyfire rather innocently has the hots for Skywarp, and will not happen in the completed version - but it was too fun to not post.

I always feel like I need to point out that it's a collab, not an RP - and not because there's anything wrong with posting RP logs. It's just not quite the same. I wrote the first half of this, and she asks, ", what happens next?" and I didn't know, but clearly she did.

"We could always pretend," offered Starscream. There was something about his voice, dark and playful, that always got to him. Nonetheless, Skyfire shook his head.

"That's not really necessary," he said, and it was the truth. He didn't need fantasy to be aroused by Starscream. He felt a hand press down his chestplate, small fingers darting into sensitive seams. Skyfire relaxed into the sensation, sighing in contentment.

"It could be fun," Starscream persisted. "Tell me, who do you like? Perceptor?"

Exasperated, Skyfire groaned. That was distasteful for a number of reasons. "Starscream," was all he said, hoping his lover could drop the matter entirely.

"Hm, then who - maybe someone closer to home? Thundercracker? He's quite handsome."

Skyfire had to laugh at that. "I suppose he is, but no. Please, can we talk about something else-"

"What about Skywarp?"

Skyfire felt his plating jump beneath Starscream's hand. He said nothing, and Starscream smiled down at him in the dark. "Ah, there we go."

"It's not like that," Skyfire rushed to explain. "Really, it isn't-"

"Mmhm," hummed Starscream above him. His weight shifted, until he was straddling Skyfire's waist. Skyfire did nothing to stop this, although he tensed, unsure and wanting.

"I would never-"

"I know," Starscream said, placing a hand over his mouth. "It's fine. Relax, you glitch. Don't you think I know how attractive he is? That smart mouth, pert little aft-"

Despite himself, Skyfire moaned. A fingertip slid into his mouth and he bit it. Starscream shivered soundlessly before continuing, "He's tight, too, you wouldn't even believe - every time is like the first time, and it is so good. He likes it best when Thundercracker and I take turns with him."

Skyfire nodded. He'd seen this, and remembered it vividly, even though he'd tried so hard not to stare. Skywarp's soft, pleading whimpers, his dark wings shaking against the berth as Thundercracker fragged him, and then Starscream - Skyfire shook himself, willing it away.

Starscream stroked his face, strangely gentle. "It's okay to desire him, you know. I wouldn't mind if you wanted to want to pretend, for a little while. I know him, I know what he likes. What do you think?"

Slumping against the berth, Skyfire moaned in surrender.

"You're impossible," Skyfire whispered, but Starscream knew what he meant. He answered with a wicked little smile, pressing the broad white shoulders back against the berth.

"He likes to ride us," Starscream murmured, and his fingertips stroked fractals spiraling across Skyfire's throat. "He loves that, the feel of gravity pulling us together. As if we've come to rest within him. Skywarp can never stay still, though." Starscream put his weight onto Skyfire's chest, holding his body a bare, hot whisper against Skyfire's front. "He gets so impatient. Sometimes he'll switch between us before the first one is satisfied."

Skyfire shuddered, trying not to rock up against Starscream - he could imagine every moment of it, Skywarp letting himself fall onto Thundercracker's cord over and over, moaning and touching himself - and Thundercracker, and Starscream - because Skywarp just could never stay content with one thing at a time... Then shoving away, laughing and giddy with the powerful pleasure of it, to fall on Starscream as if energon-drunk.

"Yes," Starscream hissed, "just like that," and he guided Skyfire's hands to his hips. "Do you know what else he likes? No, of course not - how could you know that he loves to be used? Just held in place for us to take our pleasure from him until we're sated."

Hesitant, entirely unsure whether it was what Starscream wanted from him, Skyfire gripped his hips tightly and rocked up against him - and when that earned a pleased rumble, he found that he knew exactly what to do anyhow. He ground their sealed arrays together, metal groaning and searing-hot, then simply lifted Starscream away and held him there. Bereft of stimulation, Starscream wriggled and bit back curses, but Skyfire held him firmly suspended.

Finally, Starscream cracked open his interface array. Skyfire recognized the surrender for what it was - Starscream would have preferred to keep tormenting him a while longer. Gently, careful but firm, he pulled Starscream back down against his own seals. Starscream writhed in place, clutching at Skyfire's wrists, gasping from the conducted heat.

"Will you be as tight as him?" Skyfire asked, his voice rough.

Starscream laughed. "Find out for yourself."

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you muchly! It's pretty decent, all considered. XD

Ooh, nice! I'm a little boggled by Skyfire having a thing for Skywarp, but Starscream's descriptions and teasing were perfect. XD

Yeah I don't know where that came from either. Also alcohol was totally involved in the writing process. XD Thank you though~

We are also totally boggled by this. It's kind of inexplicable. Well no, okay - if you posit that Skyfire is in a relationship with Starscream and by extension sort of becoming part of the trine, Skywarp is the most likely to be friendly with him, and - no okay nevermind I got nothing. XD It's fun to have Starscream be cool about it and use the attraction as part of their own funtimes, though.

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